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Quality System

BSPL has strong Quality Assurance and Control measures to build quality into the products and services. The quality procedures are well defined which will help ensure that every product or solution that BSPL sells exhibits high quality which will surpass the customers’ expectations. The process improvements are continuously driven by changing market needs, suggestions for improvements and analysis of process performance.

The domain and technical specialists subject the products to very rigorous and stringent tests. The products or solutions are tested for functionality, user requirements, performance accuracy and repeatability in a stimulated environment and are released for implementation only when they fully meet all the requirements. BSPL’s ability to consistently deliver superior quality solutions hinges on stringent quality assurance methods.

Professional Services

Professional Services division provides the best solution to the human resources quest of the customers. Very strongly focused on processes and results, BSPL would be able to provide the human resources with right skill sets through intensive and innovative talent search and attraction.

Many corporates are using the resources provided by BSPL for their various projects. BSPL is also capable of providing specialized consultancy services and high end training in technology products.